Varieties in Pokies

As far as we can provide, it is all about the slot machines broadly know as the pokies. It is our pleasure to provide you the widest variety of features to our beloved clients as we want you to spend most of your leisure times here. For so, we are determined to keep you providing at least five types of pokies including the video pokies, jackpot pokies, progressive pokies, popular 5 reels and basic 3 reel pokies. The following is a little description on these pokies to fire up your interest to the pokies.   Basic 3 Reel Pokies   As far as your concern can go, you’ll surely find the basic 3 reel pokies is one renowned for being completely a traditional game.

This is the game which have fertile the total slot machine economy. Following the tradition, this type of pokies consists of 3 reels that is spanned by mechanical means and offers a basket of nickels to the blessed winner. Liberty bell was a name given to it as this pokey was made by liberty bells. As it was patented, another similar machine was developed featuring fruits in which 3 cherries were considered to be the wining combination. Though we are providing online 3 reel pokies, but you can get to play the same games with same feelings as in a regular casino.   Pokey with 5 Reels   In a 5 reel version, only to extra reels are added keeping all the other things parallel to a 3 reel game. In this game, it becomes harder to win than in a 3 reel game. But in other hand it offers much larger wining prizes than the 3 reel one and for so, it is quite popular among the pokey gamblers.  

The Progressive Pokies   We hope this name is going to be your favorite as we have seen so many people are literally being crazy about progressive pokies. In case of a traditional pokey, it pays a fixed amount which doesn’t depends on number of times it does pay. The version we provide of progressive pokies in this site feels more likely as a nation lottery. As you play more, chances of your wining increases more.   In a progressive pokey, a certain portion of the gambler’s money is set aside to gather a huge fund which is going to be won by some lucky winner who gets the jackpot combination, and that can be you too. This feature encourages people to try their luck to possibly win a really big pile of cash. And if you are feeling no good to go to a casino, we are here to make the game available right in front of you.   The Jackpot Pokies  

This pokey differs to progressive pokey as it offers a fixed amount to the lucky jackpot winner. This game offers really large pay out amounts as it is designed to gather huge amount for jackpot which is to add in the winners account.   The Video Pokies   Lastly, the video pokies are actually an inaccurate term because, to be precise, all of the pokies we are offering are no exception but video pokies as they’re accessible in online. Though, similar to the video pokies in regular casinos, ours will not display rotating «reels». As an alternative, it will show flash video of various pictures till it finally come to a stable combination and make you win!