Untamed – Giant Panda Mobile Pokies

Most people know pandas from zoos and wildlife refuges. There, the well-fed creatures exhibit the behaviors of adorable, friendly creatures. In the wild, however, panda bears become wily, conniving and even dangerous as they struggle to survive in their natural habitat. Explore the panda culture and achieve big take-home payouts in the Untamed – giant Panda mobile pokies, now available on all casino platforms.   


Many people are aware that pandas are indigenous to China but don’t know that even within China, you can only find giant pandas in the Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces of the country. Each birth is celebrated as an important event since pandas are an increasingly endangered species. One of the main reasons for the danger to the continuation of the panda is their appetite – they eat bamboo, which is disappearing quickly in China, and must eat upwards of 28 pounds a day in order to survive. There are only about 1600 pandas in the wild, with another 100 in zoos around the world.

Giant pandas make their dens from stumps or hollowed-out conifer logs in the forests of these regions. We think of pandas as cuddly creatures but in fact they’re loners, seeking the company of other pandas only during mating season. You can meet some of the friendliest pandas when you play Untamed – Giant Panda on your PC or mobile device at All Slots Casino.

All Slots

All Slots introduces Untamed – Giant Panda as part of its Untamed series of All Slots casino pokies. You can play pokies on your tablet or smartphone at the All Slots mobile casino or move to the Download or Flash casinos to play pokies on your computer console. All Slots supports all of these devices so that you’ll be able to play your favourite pokies at your leisure. You can read the All Slots mobile reviews to learn how to play mobile pokies or simply download the mobile app and follow the prompts on your mobile screen. Untamed – Giant Panda is also available through the casino’s web browser which allows you to play directly at the mobile site.

Play Pokies

To play Untamed – Giant Panda on your preferred device, sign into your account, choose Untamed – Giant Panda from the games lobby, and determine your deposits. Then, just start spinning and watch your wins add up. Untamed – Giant Panda is a 243 Ways to Win game. This means that you won’t have to activate individual paylines in order to achieve payouts. All winning combinations that include three matching symbols or more will result in a winning prize. This way, you don’t have to decide which paylines you want to activate with a bet and how much to wager on each payline. All of your pay ways are permanently enabled and on each spin, you have 243 Ways to Win.

The symbols in Untamed – Giant Panda illustrate pandas and their habitat. You’ll see different profiles of the panda himself, a panda eye, vistas of the panda’s forest home and shots of the bamboo that the panda loves to crunch on throughout the day. All of the graphics come across in vibrant, colourful imagery on both the PC and mobile screen and are accompanied by hushed, inspired music that provides a suitable backdrop to the world of the pandas. Every time that you achieve a win you’ll see the bright, enticing images of cascading coins pouring forth from a treasure chest, announcing that you’ve achieved new rewards.

The Giant Panda logo is the game’s Wild symbol. This Wild substitutes for other symbols to complete paylines. So, for instance, if you have 2 forest scenes and a Wild, the Wild will substitute for the missing third panda eye and create a win. The appearance of the Wild symbol triggers the Collect-a-Wild feature in which multiple winning on extra spins are triggered whenever four Wilds appear. Those four wilds turn entire reels wild, making it easier than ever to create new combinations. The scatter symbol in Untamed – Giant Panda  is the Panda’s Eye. When a spin results in three scatter symbols that occur anywhere on the reels, in any position, a scatter payout is achieved. The scatter payout is determined by the number of coins that were bet on the spin that resulted in the scatter combination, multiplied by the scatter combination payout.

Gamble Game

Any regular game win triggers the Gamble Game in which you can gamble some, none or all of your winnings. To play the Gamble game, click”Gamble”after a regular game win. You can also pass over the gamble game and continue on your regular game. To Gamble, set a map of Planet Earth. Then, bet on the size of the green or red areas of the planet.  Spin the Gamble arrow and if the arrow lands on the wheel’s green section you’ll win your gamble. Your payouts will be adjusted according to the odds of your spin.

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