Apocalypse Cow

It’s now time for a humorous pokie from Microgaming which alludes to the masterpiece by Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse Now. In this case, however, the pokie is called Apocalypse Cow, already showing that this is a funny pokie. On this page you have the opportunity to play the free demo version for as long as you like. It is an exact copy of the original pokie that you can play for real money at Spin Palace, Mummys Gold or Betway.

Apocalypse Cow Pokie

Welcome to the pokie Apocalypse Cow, an innovative pokie that has a big chance of becoming one of your favourites. Apocalypse Cow offers a one of a kind gaming experience, which hopefully will make you very very happy. What is for sure here is the fact that this pokie is packed with features that will help you in making good profits.
At first glance you might get the feeling that Apocalypse Cow, just like the other pokie by Microgaming Abra-Kebab-Ra!, is a simple pokie. The first thing you will notice is that it only consists of one active payline. However, wait a little bit before giving judgement because Apocalypse Cow offers an integrated bonus round which is fun to play and provides you with lots of gaining opportunities.

Can we offer you a piece of grilled T-Bone steaks, or maybe three pieces? Some might say, oh yes please, while others are thinking of passing. Whatever the case is, meat lovers or vegetarians, you must all go after the T-Bone steaks when playing Apocalypse Cow. Three of these visible on the wheel will activate the jolly and profitable bonus round. The Hold and Nudge functions are there to help you get three visible steaks.

Nudges are used to push, or literally nudge, the wheels into the wanted position, and you can be granted as many as four of these. So if you can see a symbol which will help you achieve your target winning combination, then all you have to do is to nudge the reel that you want to move. Moreover, as we said earlier, the Nudge feature will also be of great help when trying to get to the bonus round.

Besides the Nudge feature, you also have the possibility of holding chosen reels into position while the other reel spins. So let’s say you have two visible steaks on reels one and three, then you should hold these and let reel two spin, hoping that another steak will appear and you can then play the bonus round. The Hold feature can be used in the same manner when you get the same symbols on two reels to try to get a third one.

Before moving on to the integrated bonus game, we must not forget to mention the Shifta! feature. The latter is activated at random and will cause the wheels to spin and line up in a winning combination. So whenever you see this phrase written at the top of the pokie then you’ll know that you’ll definitely win something. Anyway, let’s go back to the bonus round. It is somewhat difficult for us to explain exactly what happens during this round as there are so many different things that can happen. Indeed, the bonus round needs a review for itself. However, what we can say is that there are a number of boxes which activate different functions.